CNC Retrofit

With over 700,000 systems installed, the Fanuc 0i CNC is the world’s most popular CNC model. The latest, most powerful Series 0i-TF/MF is designed for commodity machines that demand the ultimate in reliability, performance, connectivity and safety. The Series 0i-F provides over 200 high-value features in the standard configuration and is perfect for CNC retrofit applications.

The Fanuc 0i control system uses high-performance hardware and innovative software to guarantee high performance, accuracy, surface finish and reliability.


A wide range of industry-standard protocols are supported by the Fanuc Series 0i-TF/MF CNC. This allows for low-cost and flexible integration with manufacturing and business systems, including Ethernet, FTP, DeviceNet and Profibus. Dual check safety is also fully supported.


Fanuc 0i-F is perfect for a range of CNC retrofit applications

The Fanuc 0i control platform is perfect for retrofitting all types of machine tools including lathes, machining centers, grinders, punch presses and routers.


Over 200 high-value features

The Series 0i-TF and Series 0i-MF are value packaged with over 200 high-value features including nano interpolation, embedded Ethernet, extended and background editing, Custom Macro with additional variables, high-speed skip, thread cutting, rigid tapping, feed-per-rev programming, tool radius compensation, tool management and multi-language display with dynamic switching. The 0i-TF also includes polar coordinate interpolation, multi-threading, thread cutting retract, continuous threading, variable lead threading, Advanced Preview Control, multiple repetitive cycles, tool geometry and wear compensation. The 0i-MF also includes helical interpolation, AI Advanced Preview Control, canned cycles for drilling, scaling, 400 tool offset pairs and 48 workpiece coordinate offset pairs.


Ultimate resolution and precision for quality machining

The CNC and drive system executes at a nanometer resolution all the way down to the 16-million count encoders for the maximum precision and the smoothest contoured surface finish quality.