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Robotics & Automation

In today's demanding production environment and the ever changing demand is why you need to partner with WD Distributing for automating repetitive and dangerous tasks in your manufacturing process. WD integrates Fanuc and Universal Robots along with custom linear robotic systems. We also design custom "Poka Yoke" devices, Inspection stations and ergonomic assistance devices.

Process Automation

A robot can add flexibility, efficiency, and freedom to your sanding, screw driving, gluing, sealing, painting, and other dispensing tasks. The e-Series robots offer built-in force/torque sensing for consistent flow and precise placement to reduce waste and scrap. It’s easy to move our flexible, lightweight robots to the areas where you need application support. When the task is finished, you can re-purpose and re-deploy the robot to other areas in your production.

Machine Tending

The machining industry – including capital equipment like lathes, mills, machining centers, forges, presses, and injection molding machines – have been the backbone of manufacturing. There is not a job shop or manufacturing plant that likely has not invested in this technology. Automating these machines gives manufacturers clear advantages in terms of utilization, secondary processes, labor resources and productivity.

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